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The main differences between local business advertising and global business advertising

Advertising is no doubt a very important part of a business where the right marketing techniques help attract potential customers to your business. You have a choice of implementing local business or global business advertising tactics based on the merchandise you have to offer, your budget and your clientele. Businesses should use advertising campaigns that cater to their target audience, which may be local or international. However to move onto global business advertising, you have to first succeed in your local business advertising campaigns.

Local business advertising is of course, advertising that reaches the local market. This is done mainly through the local newspapers, yellow pages, billboards, radio and of course, the local TV. Placing ads in all these media options cost money, which is not always affordable by small and startup companies. Moreover, in case of radio and local newspapers, you have to pay extra if you want the ad repeated more than once. When compared to global advertising, local advertising if of course cheaper. However if you use the help of the internet or online advertising for your international advertising needs, global advertisement is much cheaper than local advertising. You can get some useful information about a calculator from this great accounting website .

Global marketing through online marketing methods. Yes, with the internet, you need not spend too much on your global advertising program. You just have to spend money for creating your website, if you can�t do it on your own, and hire an SEO expert to take care of your SEO needs. The most popular modes of online advertising are advertising networks, online classified advertising and search engine results. You can place images and banner advertisements on your web pages or use the help of social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your business or services.

How to decide between the two? To decide between the two, you not only have to choose the cheaper option, but choose the advertising option that promises maximum business exposure. If your products are meant for an international clientele, global advertising is a better option for you. You can also advertise about your services through online advertising, so that people can visit you to avail of your services. Local advertising using billboards are okay for targeting local customers, but can be expensive for small and startup businesses. This is why small business owners today prefer using online advertising to advertise to not only their local customers, but also to a worldwide reach. Moreover, online ads are more responsive and effective for your business as customers can respond to the advertisement immediately. With the help of specific software programs, it is also possible for you to analyze the effectiveness of your online advertisements. Not only is online advertising cheaper to administer, it is much cheaper to maintain. Your site is available to an international client base 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be seen by anyone from anywhere, sitting at a computer at their home, office or kitchen.

So keeping all these points and tips in mind, you understand the importance of, and difference between local and global advertising. It is left to you to decide which advertising mode, or if a combination of both types of advertising is best used for marketing your business. Make use of free online resources such as submit your site to free web directory as a first step for your online business promotion.

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